There is (or was) a bug in kded4 in KDE that caused memory growth. It is documented as at The problem is apparently identified and solved at and shown to be in polkit, specifically a c program called at, which already (12 January 2015) contains the fix. A "find" search in openSuSE 13.2 does not show any "polkit" file, only empty folders with that name. How do I identify which "package" contains this update, so I will know when the fix makes it through the pipeline to an openSuSE update that fixes the problem?

This is as close as I have been to a bug fix, and I am curious how to track it. This bug causes a system crash on 13.2, and I have a workaround which however degrades KDE performance. I would like to know how to tell when I can remove the workaround.

Thanks very much for your help, and (of course) thanks for the excellence of openSuSE!