I used Keepass to manage all of my passwords across all of my devices. I do this by keeping the database on a cloud based storage solution that all of my devices can access. All of this was working fine on OpenSuse 13.1. I then did a new installation on a laptop of OpenSuse 13.2. I ran into a couple of different problems:

1. I installed Keepass from the Mono project from http://software.opensuse.org/package/keepass. There was no install listed for 13.2 so I used the 13.1 version. While it installed fine, it would not actually run. So, I then installed keepassx. It runs fine, however:
2. keepassx will not open a database on a remote share. It specifically states that error when you try it.

On another system that runs 13.1, I have the cloud storage manually mounted via dav2fs (webdav). It works fine using the Mono port of Keepass for 13.1 I don't know if manually mounting it is why it works or if it's because of the different version of Keepass. Before I start manually configuring and setting up the mount manually to find out the issue would remain with keepassx, I'm wondering if anyone has insight into this?