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    hi friends..i am new user in here and linux and i want to ask something whwn i click kaffein she!! ask me that "Kaffeine currently cannot play some file formats. Do you want to install additional support?" i saying yes of course install it and click it after that appearing this message

    The software to install could not be found in the currently enabled software repositories.It may be located in other repositories.
    See for details.
    Do you want to configure your repositories?

    what is this ??? if you cant find that software in which repositories .... how can i find ?? how is this fuzzy logic ??

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    For Kaffeine in particular, add the Packman repo if you haven't done so already (YaST->Software Repositories->Add->Community Repositories), and install the package "libxine2-codecs". If YaST or zypper presents you with conflicts, select "Install libxine2-xxx (with vendor change)".

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    thanks alot ..

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