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Thread: Re-use 13.1-userprofile in 13.2?

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    Question Re-use 13.1-userprofile in 13.2?

    I'm trying to reinstall computer with OpenSUSE 13.2 64bits KDE.
    Is it possible to re-use the user-profile fraom 13.1 in 13.2? Copy 13.1:/Home/username -> 13.2:/Home ???

    What kind of problems do i meet?

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    Default Re: Re-use 13.1-userprofile in 13.2?

    When you have a separate /home partition, you should see that it is NOT reformatted during installatiion and that t he file systemxm is mounted on /home as it was earlier. Then all your users data. etc. will be kept over the installation.

    Also (but I am now talking about earlier then 13.2 experience, but why should it be removed), when during installation, it comes to the creation of users, there is a button Change (it might be that that is only true with Automatic Configuration switched off). When you click Change, there a "Read User Data from Previous Installation. You can then choose which of those existing users (probably all) you want to be kept in the new installation. Thus all the data about these users (usename, groups, password, etc) will be copied to the new installatiion.

    When these two actions are done corretly, you will have all data about the user and all data of the users available again. Just log in and start working!
    Henk van Velden

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