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Thread: Opensuse 13.2 Hostname change

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    Is anyone having problems to change your computer hostname in opensuse 13.2?

    I already change it with the command # hostname newComputerHostname, everything runs OK, but when i restart my computer, it changes back to "linux-4idv". And i noticed that this is a problem from installation, since i remember i changed my hostname and site, but when the installation finished, the hostname changed to the default name. Is this a bug?

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    In YAST / Network Devices / Network Settings -> Hostname/DNS remove checkmark from "Change Hostname via DHCP" and change the hostname to whatever you wish to name the machine.

    The change will not be reflected if you have a terminal open so open a new one and you'll observe the change.
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    Not a bug, there are other places that need changing... Better to use YaST -> Network Devices -. Network Settings and set the hostname and domain under the Hostname/DNS tab. You can ignore the error it pops up about what is controlling the system if it appears.
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    Thank you!

    The option "Change Hostname via DHCP" wasn't activated, but changing the hostname from Network Settings did solve the problem. By the way, is there any specific thread to talk about opensuse 13.2 related problems or issues? I really don't know if this is the right place in the forum, and i've been running in some problems since i started using the new version (and can't go back to 13.1)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonflyluis View Post
    By the way, is there any specific thread to talk about opensuse 13.2 related problems or issues?
    That's a really vague question.

    There has been some limited griping about "wicked" replacing "ifup", and there are a few related bug reports. The bug reports are mostly about problems that most users won't see.
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