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Thread: Huge memory use in Amarok

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    Default Huge memory use in Amarok

    Since updating to 13.2, Amarok has started to use massive amounts of memory. Yesterday, for example, my system started swapping and slowed to a crawl. System activity showed that Amarok was the culprit -- memory used by the application was a whopping 3.8 gigabytes. I killed it, the memory was released, and things went back to normal. I had been streaming a radio feed that afternoon, otherwise, there was no out of the ordinary usage. This is not the first time this has happened.

    I am running Amarok 2.8.0's November 14 build on KDE 4.14.3. Is this a known bug?

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    Default Re: Huge memory use in Amarok

    Here, amarok is using less memory than the browser process for reading this thread.

    However, I'm only playing local MP3 files. So the problem likely has something to do with buffering that radio stream.
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