My situation is that I have used kgpg successfully in openSUSE 13.1, but not at all in 13.2. I have the two distros in a dual boot on one hard disk. I even did a new clean install of 13.2 but no luck.

In openSUSE 13.1 my kgpg encrypted files have the property of Type: PGP/MIME -encrypted message header. A file encrypted with 13.2 kgpg has the property of Type: plain text document with contents PGP/MIME-encrypted message header. Both have the .asc file type.

The file that I encrypt in 13.2 then cannot be unencrypted by means of "Actions>decrypt." This function is not in the context menu. It's just not available.

Also, when I look from my openSUSE 13.2 Dolphin file manager at my encrypted files in openSUSE 13.1 they appear as Type: plain text documents. So not only is kgpg having problems, but Dolphin also in that it sees all encrypted files in another OS as plain text documents.

I have checked the forum and cannot find that anyone else has reported this kind of behavior, I even checked in Ubuntu. I did find that LinuxMint KDE with kgpg works without this problem.

Any thoughts? Do others have openSUSE 13.2 kgpg working correctly?

It's a mystery to me. If anyone has a solution I would appreciate hearing from you.