I was reading this opensuse forum thread about Firefox, and had some lingering questions:

  1. What is the difference if you run FF with "Firebug", "Web Developer" (the add-on) and/or Firefox's own "Web Developer Tools" verses the Web Developer Edition?
  2. Do you use the same browser/profile for development and personal use? Is there a concern that something like a tool may not be disabled?
  3. I use configuration mania, which provides a gui to many of the options in about:config, but definitely not all. I am trying out Preference Monitor to see if it helps manage preferences by notification of changes. I wish Firefox externalized their new features so we could opt-in; more than just what's on Firefox -> Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Data Choices. I have a link to Preferences at mozilla.org but it doesn't seem to be all-inclusive. I end up searching for most options these days. ghacks.net has a number articles on Firefox preferences, like How to block automatic connections. I have read where some users go as far to change urls to local host. What resources, documentation, tools or steps do you take to reign in, if lack of a better term, FF?