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    Default Firefox preferences

    I was reading this opensuse forum thread about Firefox, and had some lingering questions:

    1. What is the difference if you run FF with "Firebug", "Web Developer" (the add-on) and/or Firefox's own "Web Developer Tools" verses the Web Developer Edition?
    2. Do you use the same browser/profile for development and personal use? Is there a concern that something like a tool may not be disabled?
    3. I use configuration mania, which provides a gui to many of the options in about:config, but definitely not all. I am trying out Preference Monitor to see if it helps manage preferences by notification of changes. I wish Firefox externalized their new features so we could opt-in; more than just what's on Firefox -> Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Data Choices. I have a link to Preferences at but it doesn't seem to be all-inclusive. I end up searching for most options these days. has a number articles on Firefox preferences, like How to block automatic connections. I have read where some users go as far to change urls to local host. What resources, documentation, tools or steps do you take to reign in, if lack of a better term, FF?

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    Firebug is, finally, going to be part of Firefox developer tools What they should have worked on since day one but nobody cares, they use Chrome

    What is what is not crystal clear but marriage is the future.

    "Web Developer" is Web Developter Toolbar? Just one more tool. If Mozilla did not have their weird priorities they would pick up why so many like it and get "inspired". Can be much more useful than Firebug and Chrome. Dev. seem ok but has also dived in to Chrome land, notice when it was last updated.

    I use 2 profiles and Dev. edition. Could stuff most in to one but is also a matter of spreading out the load. If you do web dev. you should also have a 100% clean one for testing purposes. Just having something like LastPass running can inject stuff and then who knows. You can also have 10, what ever make sense.

    I only disable Mozilla reporting/telemetry because I highly expect it to be misused for tracking so they can optimize and user enhance their ad business. ANY middle man will do that. Is inevitable. That is all with regards to "security/paranoia". I will expect what ever from them. Remember they are newbies in selling ads. Is why they start slowly. At some point they wont make clumsy announcement but just do it. Might also get greedy later on, advertising has its own way to create need for more.

    If you read Ghacks you will also know Mozilla allow very questionable extensions in their repositories. He have shown in detail how they operate and reported it. Nothing happened. Plus I have seen at least one very popluar extension with tracking stuff like Google Analytics build in, track every click. Is in direct violation of their submission rules and nobody cares. I will expect quite a few do this. Hey ho, is open source and we can remove code our self. Is so great.

    So before stuffing user.js with weird entires may be you should evaluate where "threat" or annoyances come from and take it from there. Less is often better right? In any case it might be better you check what CLEAN extensions there are on add-on site before thinking it is all up to you.

    But yeah you probably have to manually disable "outgoing connections" your self. Try search on Mozillazine forum. Especially right now this might be work in progress. As far as I know this plus the links is the official info.

    If you think it stinks then check Chrome extensions You also have to click and read slowly there. Well check Chrome itself, wireshark away. Pick your poison.

    They still operate via Bugzilla, open source and all that, so you could start following progress for what you interested in. I would focus on telemetry/reporting plus anything related to ad craziness. Not bothered enough to do it though as I do not need more confirmation they are lost in traditional monetization ideas. Rest is zzzzz.

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    Default Re: Firefox preferences

    That took a whole 3 minutes. Goes faster than I expected They are also up on Chrome site. Is pretty much that type of "personalized" **** I would not trust Mozilla to handle.

    Now we must remember that just because Sphere might have funky TOS and seems like a strange choice of "partner" then it does NOT make Mozilla evil - or a company with freelancer mentality. Repeat it 10 times then you become a believer!

    Just a little ad, nobody force you to click! but if interested in "outgoing" connections and tracking you should be alert. But may be you end liking your new browser companion

    I have not seen this ad yet but read it is visible to some in US. They probably experiment to the max. so we get personalized and localized ads. To measure output of all that hard work they need what?

    Today we're launching a new, beta product in partnership with Firefox. Sphere is a discovery experience bringing together the best content from around the web, tailored to your individual interests while helping you find the content you didn't know you were looking for.

    Powered by Outbrain's recommendation platform, Sphere is just an initial step in our continued investment to connect users with great content whenever, wherever.

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