Hello, I have a small question on partitioning a Seagate 1Tb external hard drive.

I need it to get about 200 Gig of stuff off my friend's old Packard Bell Vista and onto his brand new Mac. The Seagate has about 70Gig already on it, from his Mac and I'd prefer it say where it is so, my solution was to have go at trying to build an NTFS on half of the Seagate and have him get an Apple NTFS reader on his new machine. Having tried to do this with expert partitioner I'm told I'm not allowed.

I've tried to look for the Seagate in Windows and unless I'm using it wrong (it's in French) I can't see it in Window's disk management.
The Mac, of course, can see it fine but so far I haven't found a way to write NTFS with a Mac. Perhaps there is one, I will be looking into that...

Toshiba laptop, opensuse 12.3.

Thanks for any help or pointers anyone may have I'm open to suggestions!