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Thread: Cross Platform Cloud Storage

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    otherwise you can buy a webhosting plan with a minimum of space.

    before u do that u have to ask them first if it's possible to host owncloud

    if so, u have to install and configure owncloud by yourself, by having at least 1 database available on the webhosting plan

    installing and configuring will take up to 30 minutes max.

    There is an up2date owncloud-client available as well

    pls bear in mind that when u buy a webhstong plan and install owncloud by yourself, u have to do all neccersatty updates by yourself, for example when owncloud releases a newer verion of there server

    however, when everything is up and running, you will be satisfied

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    drhedberg NNTP User

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    I decided to go with Mega cloud storage at

    I was surprised to see it has desktop clients specifically for opensuse as well as other popular linux distros and I get 50gb for free! It's been working flawlessly on all my computers so far and the sync client is working great. Hard to believe they give away so much free storage and such a great product.

    I will check out owncloud as a side project, thanks for all the tips.

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