For as long as I have used Firefox on openSUSE it has always had the occasional crash (at least a daily occurrence).
But it seems with the combination of a clean install of openSUSE (13.2 KDE x86_64) and Firefox 33.0-2.1 (new profile) I am seeing an increase in these crashes.
In a typical day (approx 2 - 3 hrs of usage) I am seeing about 6 - 10 random crashes.
I've tried a new profile with no extensions/addons which doesn't seem to have made any difference to the occurrence.
There also doesn't appear to be a consistent trigger to the crashes (I can be on a page reading it for about five minutes before a random crash).

I have always just kind of accepted Firefox crashes but the frequency now is a little bit annoying.
What are other people experiencing with the 13.2 & FF 33 combination?
I've tried comparing it with Chromium and Midori (same usage time saw one crash in chromium and none in midori)