I am wondering what web page creators people are using these days? My
personal web site has a web authoring tool, but you can only make 6 web
pages unless you upgrade, and I am on the cheap right now. Also, I don't
want to totally recreate the site, but just add a few pages here and
there and link to them from my home page.

I did a google search and found some suggestions like quanta and
kompozer that seemed to suit my style. I don't want to try and learn to
program html - a graphical interface will be sufficient. I don't need
fancy things, I just want to have text, pictures, links, and links
embedded in the pictures so that people can download the picture to view
a larger picture. I might also want to embed a slide show or youtube
video from time to time.

The problem with quanta is it is really old and when I installed it from
the repositories, I found that it was a kde3 application. Well, it will
run, but I don't need a kde3 application. I am using kde4.

Kompozer isn't in the regular repositories, so I found it through
package search, but it is a bit buggy, so I am hesitant to put a lot of
effort into learning that system.

I also thought about bluefish, which was mentioned in a google search as
being one of the best. But the description of bluefish also said you
needed to be kind of tech-y to understand it, and I am not much more
than an amateur. Graphical interface without having to program too much
is what I prefer.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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