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Thread: How to start KDE telepathy?

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    Default How to start KDE telepathy?

    Hi , I am using opensuse 13.2 KDE, 32 bit.
    Understand that kopete is sort of not updated and kde-telepathy is the replacement app.

    Installed kde-telepathy in root using
    #zypper install telepathy-kde

    Added a google talk account in
    systemsettings -> Instant Messaging and VOIP

    However, unlike kopete where I start using Alt-F2 -> kopete, I cannot locate kde-telepathy.

    Appreciate if someone can advise how to get kde-telepathy running during startup.

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    Default Re: How to start KDE telepathy?


    just press ALT+F2 and type "im contacts". Normally the messenger is running at start-up. Then open your System Tray Settings with right click and check the "Instant Messaging Presence".

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