I am having significant problems with the performance of Evolution on my desktop configuration: Opensuse 13.2 (64bit, 2 Pentium CPUs)) / Gnome 3.14.1 / Evolution 3.12.7

There are two accounts, one is a POP account, the other EWS. The POP account is excruciatingly slow at fetching emails from my mail provider. This is new and evident since I installed OpenSuse 13.2 as a new installation (the upgrade variant did had problems with loading kernel modules. Evolution seems wait for about 5 minutes before starting the download of new mails and needs about 2-3 minutes for each mail. (I ask Evoltion to delete the mails after downloading). There is no problem with the mails on the EWS account.

I also have a laptop with the equivalent configuration, where this problem does not occur. All downloads are over in a few seconds. (In this configuration the mails are to be left on the server)

Whether or not the above is relevant, I wonder if anyone can help me to find where the bottleneck is in the desktop configuration and then tell me what to do to correct it?