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Thread: Libre Office behaviour of short cuts

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    Default Libre Office behaviour of short cuts

    Just updated several machines.

    And now I found some irritating behaviour with libreoffice

    Before, you could do CTRL-C then mark an area and push enter to filll the marked area, including formulas etc.
    Now it only copies the numbers
    Then I do it a second time and it copies all content of a single selected cell.

    Do I multiselect it opens a text-import window

    Do I multiselect one cell and mark multiple cells afterwards it only fills one cell.

    Do I copy and paste via CTRL-C/V in to another sheet, formulas are not copied any more.

    Do I click on the copy symbol on one sheet and paste symbol on the other sheet I get formulas copied.

    Before the leftclick-menu item "insert content" was independend from the the keycodes CTRL-C/V
    Now the behaviour depends on the menu option.

    I very much don't like it that way, reduces the workflow.

    Is there a way to get the old behaviour back?

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    Default Re: Libre Office behaviour of short cuts

    Strange LO 4.3.3 is in the update repo, why didn't install automatically ?
    Last edited by max_spam; 20-Nov-2014 at 01:23. Reason: just checked repo and saw 4.3.3

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    Default Re: Libre Office behaviour of short cuts

    Just found in the update repo, strangely it did not update automatically.

    So it is a feature - or not...

    Once push CTRL-C then CTRL-V opens textimport window for insert - or not

    PUSH CTRL-C -C (twice) then CTRL-V and you get multifill - or not

    Very inconsistent

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