I switched to Opensuse 13.1 64bit KDE
less than a month ago. I am finding that the default file and clipboard manager aren't my favorite (Dolphin and Klipper)

I don't have too much issues with Dolphi but as for Klipper, I am not finding it most reliable. I copy/paste data quite often from file to file and sometimes the contents get somehow corrupt.

For example, earlier today I was copy-and-pasting portions of my Object Oriented code.
Calibrator=new blah

I actually copied and pasted my "Calibrator" in my kate editor and compiler kept on telling me that there is no "Calibrator" initiated after the initiator. (I did a printf at each individual line to find my problem) I had to re-type my objects.

I am also finding that I can't use Klipper to "copy and paste" files.

I was wondering if there was something wrong with my Klipper if not, I was wondering how I could change my task clipboard manager as well as file manager?\

Thank you for your time