Hi all,

Recently our company's mail server was upgraded to Exchange 2013. As the lone Linux user, I'm the only one not using Outlook, and thus not using ActiveSync. I was using Thunderbird via IMAP, and it was working great before the upgrade, but no go after.

Well, it turns out that Thunderbird doesn't like the auth mechanism that Exchange 2013 uses for IMAP connections (at least with its current configuration), but that KMail is okay with it (tcp 143, auth LOGIN, STARTTLS). The problem is, I've never given KMail a serious thought until now because it has had too many bugs that kept me from using it. Well, KMail does download the mail from the Exchange server for all folders EXCEPT the Inbox. I get an empty folder. When I tell KMail to sync, I get "Select failed, server replied: A000024 NO Server Unavailable. 15"

I have disabled server-side subscriptions, hoping that would help, but it doesn't help.

Yes, Evolution works using the ews driver, but as an avid KDE user, I find Evolution to be extremely lacking in so many ways (it is painful to use, especially under KDE).

DavMail kinda works... but it is extremely slow, and it doesn't grab all the messages (when comparing the inbox to what is reported in the Exchange web ui)

I have a desktop and a laptop and both are running openSUSE Tumbleweed (using the brand new repos) with KDE 4.14.2.

Suggestions? Thoughts? I'm fine with KMail or Thunderbird - I just want it to work!!!