I am using kde5 on opensuse 13.2. I alternate my default desktop between kde4 and kde5.

Anyway I wonder if anyone can help me with some kde5 questions:-

1 - I have installed sddm and would like to give it a try. How can I select it as the default? Would it allow me to logon to kde4 (in a similar way that kdm lists all the possible logon options)

2 - I have installed konqueror5. This starts fine and lets me select a webpage from the bookmarks but when I click on a link in the webpage nothing happens. I suspect that I am missing some libs but which.

3 - Although the different yast component parts are listed in the menu there does not seem to be en entry for the yast menu. If I open bash / su / yast2 - this opens fine.

4 - A minor one last. After many year of using opensuse I missed the starting kde sound when the default was changed to no sound - so I always change the settings on kde4 so that I get the sound on start up. The kde5 settings seem similar (to the kde4 ones) but these do not appear to have any affect. I do have kmix5 installed.

Many thanks