Hi all

After a completely seamless upgrade from 13.1 to 13.2 I installed the mate pattern and base stuff from YAST and logged into mate to try it out, but I get an error saying the gnome menu couldn't be found, would i like to delete the applet? (I'm guessing I don't want to delete the main gnome menu so i always hit do not delete) Then a seemingly infinite number of the file explorer windows open in the task bar and that's pretty much the system locked as it keeps opening them until I reboot from the TTY

I've tried installing the Gnome pattern from Yast in case there was a dependency in there it required but there was no difference

Before I start delving into logs and getting exact errors etc which I can do later (At work at the moment) I'm wondering is this just a common caveat that I just haven't managed to find out about or is there an easy or obvious fix?

Cheers for any help, sorry for the lack of more detailed errors, I'll grab that later