Hi all,
I know most of you already have the iso for 13.2 but for the rest of us that do not have the iso here is an example of downloading it without user intervention. ( i hope )

First you need to start the atd daemon if it is not running.
Run the command as root or using your favorite sudo utility.

systemctl start atd.service
Install ariac2 if it is not installed.
zypper in aria2c
As a normal user download the script

curl -s http://paste.opensuse.org/view/raw/46748854 > "$HOME/bin/myscript"
Make it executable

chmod u+x "$HOME/bin/myscript
Check http://counter.opensuse.org and adjust the time according to your time zone.

at -f "$HOME/bin/myscript" now +10 hours
That at command will run myscript 10 hours from now, it is wise not make the exact time for release since the script itself will continue to check the availability of the iso in the repo ( assuming my repo link for the iso is correct though ) give it an hour advance ie if the release is in 10 hours give it 9 hours.

The script will create a directory in ~/Downloads and will put that iso in that directory.
You can check the progress once it is started by running tail on the logfile

tail -f "$HOME/13.2/log.txt"
For KDE users a dialog box should appear on the Desktop once the dowload is done. I know some torrent client can do what i am trying to achieve but i use aria2c to download the iso. Also since it is a one time run only i did not use cron for the job.

I hope some folks might find it useful.