Has any one noticed the before and after download of an ISO file? During the download it initially shows a cd/dvd icon representation for the ISO file.
But, upon completion of the download, it changes to a text-plain file association.

I just downloaded the openSUSE-13 1.1-KDE-Live-x86_64.iso and it appears as a plain text document.
The applications associated with it are kate, kwrite, LibreOffice Writer

When I type:
file --mime-type openSUSE-13\ 1.1-KDE-Live-x86_64.iso
The result is:
openSUSE-13 1.1-KDE-Live-x86_64.iso: application/octet-stream
In Configure Desktop-->Common Appearance and Behavior-->File Associations-->application/octet-stream is unknown.

This is a bug which KDE4 devs have marked as fixed. The problem is that I remember this working in openSUSE 13.1 and earlier releases of KDE4 i.e. KDE4.11- 4.12x - 4.13x- 4.14.1.