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    Default openSUSE update


    When updating through Yast ==> Online Update, it show no updates required
    but, when updating through zipper, it downloads a few updates

    What is the difference ?



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    Quote Originally Posted by jamilsaif View Post
    What is the difference ?
    What zypper command did you use?

    YaST->Online Update does the same as "zypper patch", so there shouldn't be any difference.
    Both only install updates ("patches") from the official update repo.

    "zypper up" OTOH installs updates (i.e. packages with a higher version/revision) from _all_ configured repos.
    You can do roughly the same with YaST->Software Management when you select the "@System" repo in "View"->"Repositories", right-click on the package list (or go into the "Package" menu) and select "All in this list"->"Update if newer version is available".
    Apper/your desktop's update applet does the same as well by default.

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    Default Re: openSUSE update

    Thanks for the reply

    I used :

    zypper update

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