Well, after spending 2 months with OpenSuse, I am genuinely Impressed.
I think I broke a few minor things with repository issues and other small things.

I am going to take this opportunity to fresh install to Opensuse 13.2 64 bit KDE.

I was trying to put together everything I did and post it on the forums as a guidance for other people switching to OpenSuse as well as reminder to myself in the future. Well my future self now is saying I should've(Although my academic demands were eating up the time).

Here's a list of things that I do recall, not specifically in order:

1. Installation{6GB swap, 7% overprovisioning, \ ext4(whatever's left of the SSD)}
2. Download and Install Google-Chrome
3. Download and Install super-meta-key,
4. Optimize for SSD,
5. Eliminate "Activities" and leave "Deasktop Icons" only left
6.Replace default task manager (with "Smooth Tasks"){
-Only show Tasks from Current desktop
-Grouping only when taskbar is full
-expand tasks to 150px
-Icon Scale 80%

7. Modify "Virtual Desktops"

8. Modify keyboard shortcuts such that{
Ctrl Alt Shift (Arrow), move active task to another desktop
Ctrl Alt (Arrow), move to another desktop
" " G, google-chrome
" " K, konsole
" " M, gnome-system-monitor (Install it via YAST2)

9. Install ROOT (Latest stable version), follow instructions on their website,
#This .bashrc is modified by SJL 28 Oct 2014, stable on Opensuse 13.1 64 bit

#Loading Root thisroot.sh in /HOME/ROOT/bin/thisroot.sh

export PATH=$ROOTSYS/bin:$PATH

#Loading the Python parts to load and be able to import from Pydocs in HOME

#Allows modules loaded on Pydocs to be imported without hassle

#Setting up PyROOT

#Unsure of the effects conflicts possibly made with the above So Far no effect. ///3 July 2014 SJL

#Aliases to the current Lab and Assignments
#alias cdcomp="cd ~/Desktop/PHYS4807/Assignments"
#alias cdmuon="cd ~/Desktop/PHYS3007/Reports/μ-Lifetime"

#Setting path so I can run applications without ./style

export PATH=$PATH:./

#Aliases and path working greatly, 28 Oct 14. SJL

Unix.*.Root.MacroPath: .:$(HOME)/Rootdocs:/opt/local/etc/root/plugins:
#Above calls for the roo macropaths
#Second fraction calls for where they are called
#They are separated by ":" "." refers to the current directory, Second for Rootdocs and third for the default called from TBrowser

ls from ~/:{
Audio Desktop Downloads Music Public Pydocs ROOT screen_lock.desktop Templates VirtualBox VMs
bin Documents ksuperkey Pictures public_html R Rootdocs sketchbook Videos

10. Install Pacman and Codecs
11. Install EVERYTHING for texlive
12. Install Rstudio, texstudio, python2,python3 etc.
13. Install Crossover 13.2+MSOffice2007
14. Install Virtual Machine and Setup "Widower", crossing Folder should be placed as "~/Desktop/To_Widower/"