Hello, I use kmail and kontact on an almost daily basis but sometime over the past week whenever I try to open either I get the 'Akonadi server is starting' box that just doesn't go away

Unless I crash it with ctrl-alt-esc it will just stay there doing nothing, yesterday I left it attempting to start for over two hours

I tried deleting the folder.config/akonadi as was suggested as a fix that worked for someone during my googling on the subject without success, and I've looked for anything akonadi related in /var/log/messages but nothing there

Any suggestions on what I should be trying to fix this?

Akonadi must be logging it's activity (and start failures) somewhere, but as I've no idea where it does that I can't really look into what's causing it to fail

It's suse 11.3 64 bit and other than what the update applet's done there have been no changes made to the system for quite some time, well before this behaviour started