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Thread: Configuration: Virtual Desktops: KDE 4.14.x

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    Unhappy Configuration: Virtual Desktops: KDE 4.14.x


    I've been trying to figure out virtual desktops configuration. I managed to add 4 virtual desktops, as soon as I apply "Different widgets for each desktop" all the plasmoids and folders on my current desktop disappear and all the 4 VD'S are empty. I had around 20 plasmoids configured on my current desktop. I don't want to go through the pain of adding/reconfiguring all of them. In simple, I want to retain all the plasmoids onto one virtual desktop, while I need space to configure other 3 VD'S. Also, I plan on rearranging these plasmoids and distribute a few to each VD. Can anyone please point me in this direction?

    P.S: I did google and search in forums, may be my search term was not right, didn't find much inputs on this front.

    OS: 13.1 64-bit
    KDE: 4.14.x

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    Default Re: Configuration: Virtual Desktops: KDE 4.14.x

    I'm currently using 6 desktops.

    Previously, I have set "separate widgets on each desktop". This time, I am trying it without that setting.

    My experience: When you set "separate widgets on each desktop", you lose all prior widgets. And sometimes the desktop malfunctions. If needed, use CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE (twice) to kill the session, then login again. It should then be stable. But you have permanently lost previous widget settings. So you will need to do that again. And you will need to do it on all of those desktops.

    If you want the same widgets on each desktop, then best to avoid that setting.

    When I was doing that, I left most desktops bare. I put a widget or two on desktop 1, and left that with the default wallpaper. I changed the wallpaper to a plain color on the others, with different colors for each desktop. That made it easier to tell where I was.

    Now, I'm trying without that. I have different applications running on the different desktops, and most of the time that is enough of a clue as to where I am. But I reserve the right to change my mind again.
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    Default Re: Configuration: Virtual Desktops: KDE 4.14.x

    Think about it. If you have the same config for all desktops then change to different configs on each desktop what is the system supposed to do with the config? Starting fresh seems reasonable.
    Note if you want to experiment with configs you might want to consider setting up multiple activities. Each activity can be a completely different setup.

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    Default Re: Configuration: Virtual Desktops: KDE 4.14.x

    What the OP reported happened to me a few times.

    To fix it I change the "lost" desktop to some other mode and then change it back, and the icons come back.

    This usually means changing the layout from "folder" to "standard workspace" in the desktop configuration dialogue. I avoid other layout modes when doing this as they tend to mess thinks up a bit more.

    Of course, YMMV.

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