I've 2 laptops I install brand new 13.2 opensuse to the new one -1st question : is it safe to 'migrate' to tumeblweed i.e. do this https://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Tumbleweed_Merger ? And 2nd question : the old one (thnkpad R500) has broken boot - after I did above mentioned steps it says that initrd file is corrupted and I've to load kernel first and the grub displaying was corrupted too - I cannot choose any kernel and screen was falshing in milisecs. Even when I edit the grub.dfg to load older kernel as default option the errror was just hte same ( I assume only way is to chroot from live CD and do update and it should be done ???)
If you reply please be so kind and reply like this : answer to 1st qustion ............ to 2nd question......... to keep it clean & clear