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Thread: Help to get Apache2 to work

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    Default Help to get Apache2 to work

    I've tried to get Apache2 to work in a LAMP (from HowToForge, but I've found some misspelling of links and files in the instruction) configuration but with SSL function, but with no luck. I have reinstalled all LAMP application a couple of times, and used both Yast2 and Terminal installation.
    I'm using:
    OpenSUSE 13.1
    Apache 2.4.6-6.27.1
    MariaDB 10.0.13-8.1
    PHP 5.6.0-248.5
    So, please help me to get a installation and configuration that works. Perhaps a link? Maybe a description on "paper"?

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    Default Re: Help to get Apache2 to work

    Did you install the Web and LAMP Server pattern under Server Functions in the Pattern View of YaST > Software > Software Management?
    When not, please do so to be certain that you have all you need (e.g. the YaST module for Apache).

    You can start the Apache server from YaST > System > Services Manager.

    That and some basic configuration can also be done from YaST > Network Services > HTTP server.

    Any further configuartion, etc depends very much on what you intend to do with it.

    So please explain much more when you want more advice.
    Henk van Velden

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    Default Re: Help to get Apache2 to work

    For anyone new to openSUSE,
    Various outside references like "How To..." should not be the first place to start.

    openSUSE is <easy>.
    openSUSE is for the <impatient>.

    Just install the packages and/or patterns, then
    Look for a way to setup in YAST, if you don't see something immediately you can do a search in YAST Software Management or the following in zypper (ignore the "trans" packages, they're language translations)
    zypper search yast2-*
    Then you can install the package
    zypper install packagename 
    If you don't find that, ask if there is a way to do that in these Forums.
    Only as a last resort, look elsewhere for suggestions.


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