I would like to help out a friend in a foreign land by introducing him to openSUSE 13.1 32bit KDE. His box is running Windows XP badly with errors. I have not used windows since win95 so I really don't know what I am doing. I understand that the installation (probably from a USB stick) will allow him to boot into XP but I believe I am supposed to defrag the NTFS file system before I start. How do I do that?

This is the layout of his existing system.

HTML Code:

SDA1     54.53GiB       15.31GiB
SDA2     Extended
SDA5     20GiB          65.20MiB
Partition1 looks like a normal Windows partition...

HTML Code:
linux:/home/linux # ls /mnt
32881fe54d0ed1b2d48163  Documents and Settings  ntldr
AUTOEXEC.BAT            Downloads               pagefile.sys
Bootfont.bin            IO.SYS                  Program Files
boot.ini                MSDOS.SYS               RECYCLER
CONFIG.SYS              MSOCache                System Volume Information
dell                    NTDETECT.COM            WINDOWS
Parttition 5 looks odd, but then as I said I am not familiar with XP...

HTML Code:
linux:/home/linux # ls /mnt
RECYCLER  System Volume Information  Φάκελος
linux:/home/linux # 

linux:/home/linux # ls /mnt/*

/mnt/System Volume Information:
MountPointManagerRemoteDatabase                 tracking.log

linux:/home/linux # 
Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.