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    I've just put a fresh install of 13.1 on my desktop. I'm using an ATI HD6570 graphics card and an i5. On KDE desktop, which I installed with default settings, I can select to "Download New Plasma Widgets". I've found a ton that look great, such as EG-SysMon-QC. I clicked install, and it said it installed, but it isn't available to add as the preinstalled widgets were.

    I found the file it downloaded, and tried to install it manually, to which I was informed that the installation failed. (I've tried a few other widgets as well, but this one has 20k downloads).

    I then went to terminal, and ran the command plasmapkg -i 114505-EG-SysMon-QC.skz, which yields the output:
    andrew@worksuse:/tmp/kde-andrew> plasmapkg -i 114504-EG-SysMon-QC.skz plasmapkg(14338)/libplasma Plasma::PackageStructurePrivate::createPackageMetadata: No metadata file in the package, expected it at: "/tmp/kde-andrew/plasmapkgHQX0Bd//metadata.desktop" 
    plasmapkg(14338)/libplasma Plasma::Package::installPackage: No metadata file in package "/tmp/kde-andrew/114504-EG-SysMon-QC.skz" "/tmp/kde-andrew/plasmapkge21Ift/metadata.desktop" 
    Installation of /tmp/kde-andrew/114504-EG-SysMon-QC.skz failed.
    I tried renaming the package with a .plasmoid extension to no avail, and spent a good 40 minutes googling.

    Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you for your help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by werdnahman View Post
    Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you for your help!
    Well, this is no plasmoid, but a Superkaramba theme, that's why it has the suffix .skz.

    According to the first comment on you should be able to install it with:
    plasmapkg --type=superkaramba -i 114504-EG-SysMon-QC.skz
    And you need to have superkaramba installed as well obviously.

    I haven't tried it myself though, or superkaramba at all.
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    Thank you for your help! So after installing Superkaramba (which I had never heard of - again, thanks!) I still had an issue. Apparently the widget needs to be opened in Superkaramba first. Now it works!

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