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Thread: Running Xen on openSUSE Factory

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    Default Running Xen on openSUSE Factory

    I am setting up a new box with openSuse Factory. I am familiar with running factory, and how it can be unstable, but I do like it because of Mesalibs as well as much more. I want to set up windows visualization (for gaming) with 3d acceleration. Now I have done research on and found ways to get xen direct access to the gfx card. Now one main reason for this is to dive, dive deep to start learning xen, and to use this goal as a jumping off point.

    But my question can I run Xen from Factory?

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    Default Re: Running Xen on openSUSE Factory

    For all software related to "Factory" as we approach 13.2,

    open "" and click on the Development Version or use this link (assuming English language)

    Then you can search for packages like Xen.

    Have fun (Factory will always provide more than its share)

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