Hello Guys,

I'm really desperate about the following problem. I try since hours to get this to work, but there is no chance to get it done.

Following Situation:

On my OpenSuse-System i have installed a firefox which allways starts in full-screen mode. The problem is:
Fullscreen doesn't work as expected because there is always a white stripe on bottom of the screen. After some time i realized the white stripe is this stupid gnome-panel. I tried to remove it but no chance, after a reboot it will be always there again.

Here are my steps:
removing the 'panel_bottom_screen0' entry in the%gconf.xml in ~/.gconf/apps/panel/general/
then i removed the panel_bottom_screen0 folder from ~/.gconf/apps/panel/toplevels/bottom_panel_screen0

The thing is that i cant directly work on this machine (not at home), so all removal steps has to be done via ssh no vnc connection.
Does someone of you know how to remove it forever?