I upgraded recently from 12.<someting>/LXDE to 13.1/LXDE.
upgrade was made reformatting the root partition, but keeping the hold home partition.

One day I discovered that libreoffice was not able anymore to open hyperlinks whose name contains spaces, accents, umlaut etc.

I get the problem on calc, but also write suffer from the same bug.

As first step I tried to upgrade libreoffice, installing 4.2 --> no change

Then I tried to file a bug to the libreoffice community.
Nobody was able to reproduce the bug, but I discover that the problem is the following:
when one ctrl-clicks on a libreoffice hyperlink, libreoffice calls its own "open-url" program,
then in turns calls xdg-open with the parameter file:///path/name%20with%20spaces
xdg-open calls pcmanfm, with the parameter /path/name%20with%20spaces
and pcmanfm is not able to find the file named name%20with%20spaces, and emit the error message that I saw.

people of libreoffice concluded "Not Our Bug" and suggested to file a bug report to pcmanfm community, since
"their file manager isn't interpreting commands correctly like other file managers".

I filed the bug with pcmanfm, and their answer was "Not Our Bug". They said that xdg specifications say that "/path/to/some%20file is exactly the some%20file in the directory /path/to, while file:///path/to/some%20file is the some file in the directory /path/to at localhost", and the bug has to be filed against xdg-open.

Then I look for xdg-open. For what I found understood that the Porland project is poorly maintained.... no chance.

Is somebody else experiencing the same problem, or the problem is limited to my special configuration?
Do somebody has ideas how to solve the problem? (I patched pcmanfm, but this is *not* the solution)