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I took a brief look at AxisM10 series: http://www.axis.com/products/m10_series/

AXIS M1025, M1014, AXIS M1004-W, M1033-W, M1034-W and AXIS M1054 are significantly outside even a big extension to my budget.

If I extend my budget by 50% AXIS M1013 would be at the very upper limit. The AXIS M1013 has a resolution of 800x600 and low light performance of 1.2 lux. I note no audio. I would need to research it some more to see if extended my budget 50% is worth while - given it appears to have less features.

Still GNU/Linux compatibility means a lot to me which causes me to not reject M1013 outright (just yet).
Uh-ho oldcpu. I don't even try to get near your knowhow in openSUSE and HW. In this case I know who own Axis, I have seen small and large implementations. I don't know if the source code was available. Let me stop there for different reasons.

Auf Wiedersehen