This request for information could be in many forum areas - but in the end I decided to place it here under 'applications'.

I'm pondering the purchase of a P2P IP Camera. For those who don't know, my understanding is these tend to be sort of like a stand-alone security webcam, that plugs into one's network directly (using wireless and/or 10baseT wired eithernet). The cameras are typically remotely controllable , such that they can possibly zoom, and also rotate in looking. People often use such a camera internal to their house, for monitoring the baby's room, etc .... ie this is not an ordinary webcam.

I'm curious if our membership have any suggestions wrt Linux applications that can use such a camera's features ? I think nominally one simply uses a browser to access such a camera, but I'm not sure. I also know there are Android applications designed for accessing and remotely controlling such a device.

And in addition to the 'applications' are there any members who have a recommendation for the P2P IP camera hardware ? I'm pretty much convinced to spend no more than 100-euros (as I plan to buy this mainly to teach myself some things).