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Thread: KDE session only partly restored

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    Default KDE session only partly restored

    When starting openSUSE 13.1 with KDE 4.11.5, only a couple of apps from the previous session are restarted ( I have 'restore previous session' option checked).
    For example Konsole and Vvim are always opened, but GVim has empty buffer and does not have the file(s) opened which it had when I left. Krusader, Thunderbird etc.. are just never reopened even though I did not close them before turning of my machine.

    What can cause this? How can this be fixed?

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    Default Re: KDE session only partly restored

    Quote Originally Posted by rsupremo View Post
    What can cause this? How can this be fixed?
    This can happen when something gets stuck during session restore. AFAIK pulseaudio can/could cause something like this, so try to disable it and see if it works then.

    Do the applications get restored if you press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace twice to kill the session and login again?
    Does it work for a new user?

    And check that those applications are not excluded from session management in Configure Desktop->Startup and Shutdown->Session Management.

    Regarding GVim, maybe it just doesn't support the session management and therefore doesn't restore its buffers?
    Btw, KDE's Kate and KWrite have a VIM mode as well...

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