so well, except for 6 directories, all other files and directories in my /home/user/ directory are just gone. The mentioned 6 directories have their change time set to the exact same time, but are empty (all files in this folders are also gone).

What I did:
on desktop1 I opened dolphin in one of my dirs, rightlicked a scriptfile (few lines, containing some echos, scaimage and convert), picked "open with Kate". I have Kate already opened with a simple textfile on desktop2. KDE switches to desktop2 and kate, shows the file, but it is empty... (which should not be). At first I thought I opened the wrong file, switched by to desktop1 and... the dir opened in Dolphin was empty. Then I saw the Desktop and it is also empty... all files linked to there just gone.
Then I opened a terminal, using cd ~ and ls -l and... everything is gone, except for 6 directories, which on the other side, are empty as well now.

Since I am not a linux expert, I have not the slightest idea where to start looking/troubleshooting (and find all the files, that are gone).

Hope someone can point me in the right direction (I gues the files are for some reason just not visible, ls -la is not helping, because firefox have still all its settings and bookmarks and the profile-dir is also located in /homer/user/)