Good morning, lovely Geeks out there!

I've been googling my a$$ off since the last three days: To find more developers for one of our current security-projects on GitHub (see signature below), my team and I would like to create a beatutiful VISUAL QR CODE, preferrably with a transparant layer like the ones shown above in this thread. Here is what I want to do: I have the round logo of our App, which is made up of a red background and a white sign. Unfortunately, all generated QR Codes fail to be scannable when I remove their white background and place them on our App logo.

Here are a few generators I've found and tested so far:

  • Visualead QR Code Generator - NOT RECOMMENDABLE: Generated QR contains masked URL with AD from Visualead until registering with a monthly payment plan), also have a look at their creepy Privacy Policy (their terms and conditions are creepy as well): "IMPORTANT: BY USING THE SERVICES (AS DEFINED BELOW) YOU GIVE YOUR CONSENT THAT ALL PERSONAL DATA THAT YOU SUBMIT MAY BE COLLECTED, USED, PROCESSED AND SHARED BY Visualead..."
  • - generates working non-transparent QR Codes with a watermark, they store EVERY preview you generate, so BE CAREFUL! Postive: All aspects of the QR Code are editable, this comes close to what I am searching for. The only thing missing is the feature of generating a visual transparant QR Code onto an already existing logo.
  • QR Design - generates working transparent QR Codes, but neither the picture inside, nor any other design is changeable
  • QR Code Monkey - generates standard QR Codes. Just referencing this to show you want I DON'T want.

Ok, these are just a few examples, I've tried like at least 100 sites and in the end Visualead always turned up in the search. And I start to hate this website, honstely. Just for a quick clarification and to sum it up, here is what I site on the interwebz am really looking for:

  • Completely free of charge
  • Download of QR Code in great high resolution
  • No watermarks
  • No Ads
  • No Redirections
  • No URL masking
  • Completely customizable Design QR Codes
  • Support for transparent visual QR Codes
  • Support for geneation of the code onto existing Image

I know, it seems like a lot I am asking for. But truly, I cannot imagine such service does not yet exist free of charge on the intwebz - so therefore I am shouting out to you as a community to provide some answers or links you've already bookmarked yourself. IF there really is no such website free of charge, do you know a linux program for this?