When I run:
zypper update

today. And wait for an hour and a half to download and install about 600M of updates.

My openSUSE got some error. So sad.

Such as:

(1) when I type java in terminal, it shows:
linux-cjel:/etc/alternatives # java
 If 'java' is not a typo you can use command-not-found to lookup the package that contains it, like this:
     cnf java

and when I try to install it:
linux-cjel:/usr/lib/jvm/jre-1.7.0-openjdk/bin # zypper in java-1_7_0-openjdk-devel
 Loading repository data...
 Reading installed packages...
 'java-1_7_0-openjdk-devel' is already installed.
 No update candidate for 'java-1_7_0-openjdk-devel-'. The highest available version is already installed.
 Resolving package dependencies...

 Nothing to do.

(2) When I open LibreOffice and there appeared a window showing:
LibreOffice requires a Java runtime environment (JRE) to perform this task. The selected JRE is defective. Please select another version or install a new JRE and select it under Tools - Options - LibreOffice – Advanced.

And I try to find the jre directory:

And set it in LibreOffice, However, it shows that:

The folder you selected does not contain a Java runtime environment.
 Please select a different folder.

I regret to update my system... Who can help me and How can I resume my system.

This is my system information now:
linux-cjel:~ # uname -a
 Linux linux-cjel.site 3.11.10-17-desktop #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Jun 16 15:28:13 UTC 2014 (fba7c1f) i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

Maybe there are some other problems that I didn't find.
Shoudn't we update our system? I need your help. Thank you very much.