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Thread: firefox version numbering in different repos

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    Default firefox version numbering in different repos

    I don't get the version numbering philosophy of the different repos containing mozilla firefox:

    the update repo contains 30.0-29.1, last modified 20 Jun 2014

    the mozilla repo contains 30.0-3.2, which has a lower version number, but is modified later: 05 Jul 2014

    the mozilla factory repo contains 30.0-391, an even higher version number, modified an the same date: 05 Jul 2014

    can anyone elucidate the resoning behind that?
    which repo would I select if I want the latest but stable version?

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    Default Re: firefox version numbering in different repos

    My idea is that they are all 30.0. The numbers after the - are numbers from the different packagers and will depend on what those packagers use as numbering system for their own purposes. The contents of those may thus differ according the whim of the packagers. Thus a "higher" number does not mean "newer" (except with the range of a particular repo).

    In general I am conservative and like stability, I only use the "official" openSUSE repos that will provide me with the security and recommended updates. These are normaly retrofitted to the version shipped with an oenSUSE version. Firefox is different because Firefox does not provide security patches, but only newer versions that, when you then update to them because of security, surprise surprise, also contain new "features" which will hit you of course when you can not afford it.

    When you say you want the "latest but stable" verion. that is contradictory wording imho .
    It is always a trade off and you decide. I decided to use the Update repos only.
    Henk van Velden

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