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Thread: German Subtitles

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    alaios;2338876 Wrote:
    > Dear all,
    > I live in Germany for one year now. I work in RWTH as a research
    > assistant. I have started learning German one year before (this is to
    > explain you why this post is in English).
    > I have recently bought Simpsons and Family Guy Series 1 from Germany.
    > Both DVDs have German translation (Synchronisierung) and German
    > subtitles. I bought these movies so every day to listen and read in
    > German.
    > The problem I have is that the subtitles are meant for hearing impaired
    > people and thus what I hear and what I read differs a lot! Do you know
    > if it is possible to find somewhere subtitles that correspons to what I
    > hear?
    > I would like to thank you in advance for your help
    > REgards
    > Alex
    > P.S I know that this a little bit out of forum context but this is the
    > only place I know with Germans around.

    Glad you learn german. One of the important languages on earth
    I live now for over 10 years in the US and even though i had previous
    school english it took me quite a while before i got more fluently in
    understanding the talk.
    My experience is, that you learn best if you get confronted with the
    language on a daily base. Very useful is reading, speaking and writing
    anything that comes new to you.
    Subtitle are never 1:1 translations and capture the meaning of whatever
    is spoken, but don't give a 100% translation. I think transcripts of a
    show or any media is a better way since it is 100% the content.
    But i wasn't able to find any german transcripts.


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    Default Re: German Subtitles

    I'll be more than happy to assist you on this matter.

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