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Thread: Very strange behavior when trying to read DVD's

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    Default Very strange behavior when trying to read DVD's

    (OpenSuse13.1, x86_64. KDE 4.13.2). I don't know if this is the right forum.

    Early this morning when I was to look after some old documents on DVD my PC went nuts. Home burned ones as well as factory made ones. Reporting ~1-228Kb only and very strange windows in Dolphin file manager (same in a Konsole/MC)..

    Reading CD's was working. Aha! HW-error I thought but my PC was booting nice with a home burned 13.1 DVD.

    Booted again and run a zypper dup -> rebooted. And working. My question is have anyone else seen this or was it a temporary hiccup? Or have I a "evil ghost" in my PC? Half joking, half not.

    I'm shameless like others in the forum -was I to any help or made sense? If yes: click the on the star below to the left. Written whit a ;-) in my eye.

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    Default Re: Very strange behavior when trying to read DVD's

    This has happened to me before as well.
    Usually it's the result of not umount'ing the drive before replacing the disc with a different one.

    It can be fixed with a simple umount /mnt/dvdrom(or whatever your mountpoint or device is).
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