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Thread: YaST Proxy Authentication

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    Exclamation YaST Proxy Authentication


    when I start YaST and set up the proxy settings correctly, I still can't access to the access the application management, the Software repositories etc.
    My System is up to date.

    This error occures:
     Fehler beim Herunterladen (curl) für '':
     Fehlerkode: HTTP response: 407
     Fehlernachricht: The requested URL returned error: 407 Proxy Authentication Required
    In english:
     Failed with download (curl) forr '':
     Errorcode: HTTP response: 407
     Errormessage: The requested URL returned error: 407 Proxy Authentication Required
    This is a bug report.
    I have searched the forums and I've seen that this occured already in older distros.


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    Default Re: YaST Proxy Authentication

    Quote Originally Posted by danirtoma View Post
    This is a bug report.
    Bug reports should be made at (same username/password as here).

    BUT, before doing that:
    Have you actually provided your authentification credentials in the proxy settings?
    I.e. something like this in /etc/sysconfig/proxy or YaST's proxy settings:

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    PS: Probably you provided the credentials in YaST->Network Services->Proxy's username/password fields and it is being ignored?

    This would sound like this bug report then:

    So maybe you just should add a comment there, if you think that it's the same bug you are experiencing.
    But providing the credentials as I posted before should be a workaround at least.

    Sorry, I don't use a proxy myself (and especially not one that needs authorization).

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