I don't know how to install file with tar.gz in opensuse, I know through Yast I can download rpm file and install them, but where can I find them after I install them, or how can just install them into a preset directory? and back to the tar.gz file, I know how to decompress them, through tar xzvf, and after that I still need to install them, right? but how?
I plan to use dune to build model, I made it before, but failed again with some errors

hongzheng6027:/usr/local/dune # ./dune-common-2.3.1-rc1/bin/dunecontrol --opts=/usr/local/dune/dumux-2.3.0/optim.opts --module=dumux all
----- using default flags $CONFIGURE_FLAGS from /usr/local/dune/dumux-2.3.0/optim.opts -----
/usr/local/lib/dunecontrol: file not found
Execution of dunecontrol terminated due to errors!

I don't know how to generate this file under /usr/local/lib. So please explain it in detail