From many years, I am working with OpenSuse 11.4 in IBM server X3200 (GUI Gnome 2.32). All was perfect, until the installation of postgresql from yast has modified something.
(I was following the installation from the next link http://www.susegeek.com/database/how...l-in-opensuse/)

Situation: After restart the OS, only Black screen was shown (after grub screen) with the mouse pointer/cursor
But the other hand, my web applications in the server (access from internal network) are running and working very well (phpMyAdmin, web-crm, etc).

Actions: I tried with nomodeset in menu. Nothing changes.
In the safe mode, Nothing changes.

I am a simple user. I am not computer technician (but I can reproduce commands in terminal if anybody can give me recommendations)

Please, Can you help me? I would appreciate what to do with clear steps.
How I can run and see the desktop-GUI?

Thank in advance