I am running 13.1. I just upgraded from 12.3 which has the same issues. This is a 64bit system with dual core AMD processor. 8GB RAM with 12GB swap.

System is not swapping.

KDE System Monitor 4.11.9 shows 75% CPU while top is showing 33.3 (or something similar).

Now the graph shows each CPU and the majority of time the 2 cpus add up to about 40% while the report at the bottom of the System Monitor screen shows 80+%.

It looks like a math error to me.

On a z/Frame system running z/OS, I can take the amount of time by the dispatcher, look at the number of available CPUs, and divide.... And I can get pretty close to the %of used CPU (yes, I do write authorized ALC on z/Frames, key0, supstate, etc.).

So something is not quite right here.

If someone can tell me how to capture a screen here, I will copy and paste this in.