It seems packman is doing a daily recompile on a lot of applications, and my network update thingy in the taskbar (apper?) shows this as having sixty some updates to install. Why would I want to update these packages every day? Should I be? Why would packman want to recompile these packages every day? I know it doesn't hurt to ignore these nagging messages, but it makes me miss, or at least delay some important updates because I tend to put off wading through this long list.

I hesitate removing apper, as it's quite handy for installing a package from an rpm file with a "one click" effort. Although I could, I suppose. I really don't want to update sixty some packages daily. That is unless there's a good reason. And, I guess I could just continue to ignore it until I get in the mood to sort through all the suggestions.

What's the accepted method of dealing with, changing, or eliminating this situation?