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Thread: Scanning photos with Epson V500

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    Default Scanning photos with Epson V500

    Greetings All,

    I have an Epson V500 photo scanner. I have installed the proprietary ISCAN files, and the scanner appears to be working.

    However, I cannot find a satisfactory application to use with this unit.

    The Iscan application works decently, but does NOT allow any setting or memory of output directory. So every scan involves
    changing to an output location and entering a new filename. A bit tedious and time consuming.

    On the other hand, xsane WILL remember location and provides for incremental photo numbering. However, the limited aspect ratios
    offered by this app unacceptably distort the photos being scanned. According to the xsane manual, discrete values rather than a slider for
    X/Y are provided if the backends do not provide a range. I'm not quite sure why Iscan can provide the correct X/Y values, but xsane cannot.

    Is there
    a) Some way to specify the path for Iscan?
    b) Some way to enhance the X/Y settings for xsane?
    c) Some other scanning program that fixes both of these issues?

    Thanx in advance.


    Thanx in advance

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    Default Re: Scanning photos with Epson V500

    Recently I had to use my HP Scanner and it worked fine with Skanlite
    although it was a bit annoying that I couldnt figure out how to set the page
    size to be something different (besides manually drawing out how big the
    page should be). I too would love to hear about some possible alternatives
    that I should try.

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