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Thread: Lack of information about packages/patterns

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    Default Lack of information about packages/patterns

    It's been a few months since i logged into but today i thought i would play around with it and create a new 13.1 image.

    I noticed that no information is shown in the small popup window when i click on a package or pattern.

    In the past I could click on a package, and the popup window would show me what additional packages will be installed and a list of recommended packages to also install.

    Now however all i get is informations about Repository, Version, Groups and a short description.

    If i click on a pattern, i don't know whether selecting the pattern would install 1 package or 100 packages.

    ** I also noticed that there might be some important packages missing whenever i start with a fresh 13.1 appliance, for example, yast2-live-installer is not included by default.
    It's been months since i used susestudio but I'm near sure that package would be needed to actually install the appliance ?

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    Default Re: Lack of information about packages/patterns

    Just got feedback that this feature is planned to be added back again , woot woot !!

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