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Thread: Password Manager ?

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    Default Password Manager ?

    openSUSE 12.3
    openSUSE 13.1
    Windows 7

    I use LastPass 3.1.2 on my 12.3 box along with an Ipad, IPhone and Android phone. It is integrated into the browsers.
    The 12.3 box is the boss as to keeping the passwords maintained.

    Lately LastPass has been doing pesky things and I was looking to see if there is an alternative. Pesky in that it tells me a password has changed and it has not. This is an old bug but a new one turned up. It issues a serious warning that some sites have the same password as the master password. Not true, but I don't know what to do so I am looking around for an alternate.

    So, what do y'all use if anything ?

    openSUSE 13.2

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    I use RoboForm across openSuse 13.1, various VMs, Win7, Win 8.1 and Android
    Not free (~$30US/year, but seems to work OK.

    It was developed for Windows, ported to JS for Linux (and IOS, I believe), runs as a browser app.
    Android support is somewhat limited, but better than trying to remember.

    Some edit and administrative tasks best done in Windows.
    Desk: i7-4790K Leap 15.1(x86_64)4.12.14-lp151.28.7-default KF5 59.0 Plasma 5.14.4 Qt 5.13.0
    Lap: HPDV7T i7 Leap 15.0(x86_64)4.12.14-lp151.28.7-default KF5 59.0 Plasma 5.14.4 Qt 5.13.0

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    Not the answer you are looking for but just want to say i have used Lastpass for around a year now, on various OS's and distros,

    and have never encountered any of the errors/problems you have.

    Besides LastPass, the only other one i can think of is KeePass but I've never used it.

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    Default Re: Password Manager ?

    A friend who uses KeypassX recommended it (and demonstrated it) at our local Linux users’ club. He seems very happy with it.

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    I would recommend KeePass. It (KeePass not KeePassX) supports a bunch of plugins and has unofficial ports to many platforms.
    Please excuse my English.

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    I probably should of mentioned i only use Lastpass by using the Chrome / Firefox extension, I don't use the program.

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